STEP PREP Reading Curriculum Booklets and Posters


Transform your class library or a reading room into one of the most unique reading programs designed and tracked for whole school reform.  The complete STEP PREP model combines a blended approach of teaching students to read on a gradual release higher order method.  Designed for 3rd to Dev Ed community college students, the 24 blended module system can train a substitute, parent, seasoned teacher, or TA to help a student learn to read.  Comes in 3 Different Blended Learning Modules or grade level clusters with leveled readings. 

Comes With:

STEP PREP BOOKLETS - Both live and digital. Complete with step prep charts, practice readings, vocabulary, writing, videos, and more. 72 Different STEP PREP BOOKLETS per BLM. 

Posters with correlating page numbers and skill practice.

Online assessments and flip slips detailing each step for students. 

A summative final evaluation. 

Six different progress monitoring task to skill reports. 

Comes with reading lists that you order. 

Optional set up for small libraries.